Last night, I went to check out Lianne Las Havas at a very small theatre in Los Angeles. She’s got a soulful voice and incredible melodies. Experiencing the show, I definitely had the sense this venue was a special treat because she will soon sell out a much larger stage. As I walked in, I heard someone at the door say “Mr. Wonder is here” and ushered in before me (yes, he gets to cut the line) was Stevie Wonder. There is some serious buzz for Lianne Las Havas and it’s well deserved. The venue was jam packed and the people were letting her know she was wanted.

She played much of her EP as well as songs from her forthcoming album, Is Your Love Big Enough?, on Warner.

Here was one of my favorites. Wish I could find the cover she did of Jill Scott’s “He Loves Me” because her version was incredible!!!!

– Submitted by Linda Kennedy, Music Design