Lauryn Hill tickets on Valentines day with my lady!!! I was very excited to see the show, after all, wasn’t her Coachella performance legendary? But her reviews have been spotty at best over the past year. I didn’t care, I was going to be into it no matter what.

The place was packed and It was off to a terrible start because a LAME radio station was sponsoring the show and they had some sort of radio guy DJ “warming up” the crowd. It was weird, it was awful. Trust me. I had hopes of Mos Def kicking it off, but no such luck.

Only about 1/2 hour late, weird radio DJ guy says, “ladies and gentleman, Lauryn Hill is in the building” and then it was on. She started the show by singing (in its entirety) The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. She¬†lost some fans at the 10 minute version of “To Zion” and, possibly, her “refreshed” take on the arrangements of all these songs. But I loved it. I like a remix, I thought the songs sounded different and amazing. She is AMAZING. It was nice to lose some people because it just allowed more room to dance and enjoy the show. After she finished up with “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” and “Tell Him” she takes a break. Will she be done? Will she play more? Lady KILLS it by coming out saying “Any Fugees fans in the house???” and then it was REALLY ON! People went NUTS dancing and singing for another hour! We were in heaven. She brought out her little daughter, spoke of Whitney Houston and ended the show with “Could You Be Loved.”

Lauryn Hill, thank you. That was incredible.

– Submitted by Linda Kennedy, Music Design