Recently, I attended a Jimmy Eat World concert and it felt like a reunion of sorts. I traveled to the venue in Raleigh with two friends from high school for extra nostalgia points. Since The Ritz (R.I.P.) closed unexpectedly, the location was changed to the much smaller Lincoln Theater. The caused a sellout and packed house. The building looked to be about the size of a tractor trailer, and on the side was a giant mural of Abraham Lincoln driving a Lincoln. This of course made me think of that song line “Son, you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop driving that hot rod Lincoln!”

The opening act was a nice little band called Minibosses. They played metal versions of classic video game music like Mega Man and Mario (nostalgia points now through the roof)!

On the way to the show, I was wondering how Jimmy Eat World has held up over the years. It was like catching up with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in so long, but I remembered fondly. There are days now when I just need to listen to them, to recall the sweetness from younger days. They have been around for 20+ years, but really broke out in 2001 with Bleed American and the single “The Middle” (this is the song of theirs most people remember but they didn’t play it that night).

This tour was for the 10th anniversary (10 years!) of their Futures album, which is arguably my favorite. The venue had a balcony where I started the show, but the people in front of me (who were taking up prime space) looked so bored and barely clapped…why even pay money to come?! I immediately hated them and went downstairs to get away from their lameness. Things were much better on the bottom floor where everyone was far more excited to be there. The band played a great show, and didn’t seem tired or going through the motions in the least. It was fun for them to do and fun for us to remember. Even though the band is closing in on 40 now, as was much of the crowd, they loved it as much as we did. They played their little hearts out while we sang out ours. By the end of the night (and two encores) the band was covered in sweat from still having so much energy and being so point, like they hadn’t missed a beat with the songs after all this time. The bassist even took a picture of the crowd afterwards (aww!) and they seemed so happy we were there.


So many things from your past don’t hold up to the test of time, but it was a great night to remember our younger selves through an older and wiser lens. Jimmy Eat World is making new records even today and its nice to know they haven’t lost it. At Mood, our clients often want 90’s music in their design and it’s nice with bands like this where you can use their older material for that, and new offerings alongside in the current elements. I will always revisit these guys.

– Submitted by Amanda Varney, Music Design