Year after year, Dave Matthews continues to pack venue after venue, and there is a reason: he and his band always put on a great show. This year, Dave Matthews Band made fans anticipate their tour even more by including both acoustic and electric sets. On Friday, July 10th, I attended the DMB concert at the Charlotte PNC Music Pavilion. That night the amphitheater was completely full; I have only been there a handful of times when it was that full (most being DMB concerts). Also, I have seen DMB multiple times in the past. While all of the concert have had great sets, this night was the real deal. They managed to not only perform my favorite songs, but most of their popular and best songs as well.

The set list was extensive and the night was packed with amazing performances. I originally thought the acoustic set would mean just Dave and guitarist Tim Reynolds playing. However, the whole band was on stage. Tim played an acoustic guitar and Steffan Lessard played an acoustic bass. It wasn’t what I expected but it was great anyway. Songs I enjoyed most were “Bartender,” “One Sweet World,” “Typical Situation,” and “Ants Marching.” This was a great trade off from having an opening band and I was even more excited for the electric set.

The sound at PNC is generally only okay, but that night it was better than usual. Every instrument was pleasant to the ears and I could hear each member clearly despite how loud it was. My favorite songs from the electric set were “#41,” “So Much To Say,” “Too Much,” “Crush,” “The Best Of What’s Around,” and their rendition Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower.” Each of these consisted of the perfect amount of time for jam breaks and instrumental solos; just enough time to retain the attention of the audience. They also managed to fit in a few more great covers like Tex Ritter’s “Rye Whiskey,” Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s “Down By The River,” and Talking Head’s “Burning Down The House.”

This concert was a perfect example of why DMB remains a timeless band. Whether it’s Dave’s ability to keep the crowd entertained, drummer Carter Beauford’s constant smile, or the interesting and skillful solos taken by each member, DMB concerts are always an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Here’s the set list from the night:


1. Rye Whiskey
2. Little Red Bird
3. Bartender
4. One Sweet World
5. Sweet
6. Funny the Way It Is
7. Typical Situation
8. Spaceman
9. Ants Marching


10. You Might Die Trying
11. Belly Belly Nice
12. Everyday
13. Down by the River
14. #41
15. Black and Blue Bird
16. So Much to Say
17. Anyone Seen the Bridge
18. Too Much
19. Burning Down the House
20. Be Yourself
21. Louisiana Bayou
22. Crush


23. The Best of What’s Around
24. All Along the Watchtower

– Submitted by Kevin Orlando, Audio Production