​Courtney Barnett ​has been somewhat of a critical darling lately, and after seeing her live it’s easy to see why.

The opening act was San Fermin and, even though I walked in during the end of their set, I already began thinking of clients that could use their kind of sound. Music Design is something that we can’t really turn off, and its a constant stream of inspiration with our clients in mind as we go about our days.

Soon, Courtney and co. arrived on stage with an easy, familiar feel as they set up to entertain us. With shaggy hair and a t-shirt, Courtney opened up the the first song with a good dose of guitar. She was much more sure and steady than you’d expect from seeing her charmingly awkward press pictures. Her voice was lyrical and a teensy bit husky. She has that kind of sneak up charm that surprises you but then the lyrics are so overwhelmingly earnest it bowled us all over. The band was effortlessly tight and knew their stuff, even exhibiting a little bit of honky-tonk twinkle. Things even got a little surfy a time or two. There was a lone older hippie fellow enjoying the show, entranced in his own personal freak out dancing right in the middle of the crowd.

I got the chance to chat a bit with Courtney and a band mate after the show and they were very nice and easy going. ​Miss Barnett is so many things I love about ladies in rock, commanding the stage with a freewheeling guitar over such clever writing. Its so authentic and refreshing.​ I hope more will follow in those sneaker clad footsteps.​

– Submitted by Amanda Varney, Music Design