All hail Queen Bee! Virgo season is amongst us, ladies and gentlemen. As the number one dashing diva and iconic Poptress, it’s only right that we celebrate the sovereignty of none other than the infamous Virgo, Beyoncé herself. What’s all the buzz about, you ask? She is one of the most universal musicians of the 21st century, whose vocals, dance moves, beauty and success are unparalleled. I don’t sense an end to her reign coming any time soon. Regal and fabulous with a goddess complex, the Bey Hive can’t seem to get enough of her. Here’s a glittery glimpse into the Queen Bee’s discography, strutting up to her most recent release Lemonade and the Formation World Tour.

Beyoncé’s sixth solo project Lemonade presented a capricious yet very compelling facade of the singer/songwriter. The visual album was a cinematic depiction of her journey through self love, healing, knowledge and virtue with a spiritual and political undertone. From jovial reggae tunes to rocking guitars and electro blips, this essentially was an encouragement to ladies around the world to be unapologetically bold, brave, and roaring with female empowerment. On the day following her TIDAL release and HBO special, it was announced that Beyonce would be embarking on her Formation World Tour. Starting in April, running through October, from North America to the UK, the tour is a total of 49 show-stopping performances.

The stage was custom built for the perfect experience. It consisted of a 60 ft tall rotating LED box used for video screen walls, along with a treadmill runway for Yonce and her dancers to sashay to a secondary stage filled with pools of water. As if that wasn’t enough, she also incorporated trapeze dancers, flames, fireworks and a confetti-filled sky, which made the concert feel as though you were at a live Cirque du Soleil dance party!

Her outfits were inspired by the wild west, antebellum south, Africa, bondage and Victorian fashions. Crème de la crème designers such as Gucci and Givenchy Haute Couture designed her entire wardrobe, having her look effortlessly flawless. Anyone whose wardrobe consists of hand embroidered pearls, sequenced crystals, glass beads, gold metallic threads, shoulder pads, lace, frills across the chest, knee high boots, leather gloves, a red latex body suit and mink fur coat, fishnets and thighs for days, definitely came to slay!

The Formation World Tour thus far has grossed over $210 million from its first 40 sold-out shows with 9 left to go. I guess it’s safe to say that Bey is making bank! Remember ladies, Beyoncé said it best “Always stay gracious. Best revenge is your paper.”

The highlight of my summer hands down was the Formation World Tour! Beyoncé definitely lives up to the hype as a legendary performer. Between her vocals, dancing and all the theatrics as she performed songs from all six of her albums and more, the concert was very captivating. All of these details only touch upon the extravaganza of a show it was. You really had to be there. I must confess that I honestly contemplated going a second time to relive the experience all over again, but my bank account stated otherwise. However in the meantime, I will be relentlessly anticipating her next tour and continue to channel my inner Diva.

Happy Birthday to all of my fierce, phenomenal fellow Virgos out there! Being a Virgo alike Beyoncé’s should be a testament to our star power in itself. We keep the universe spinning and on tilt. May we all mature as gracefully as her who seems to age like fine wine, only getting better with time and increasing in value.

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– Submitted by Civonne Ray, Music Design