Is that you Modean?
(It’s me Modean.)
Is that you Modean?
(On a UFO…)

I love The B-52’s! The more ridiculous the song, the better. Unfortunately for me, they didn’t play “Is That You Modean?” at last Tuesday’s concert at Stubb’s. In fact, they didn’t play any of the good stuff from their Good Stuff album. Of course they played “Roam”, “Love Shack”, and “Rock Lobster”…there would have been a riot if they hadn’t. We even got goodies like “Private Idaho,” “Cosmic Thing,” and “Mesopotamia.” I never was a fan of the Mesopotamia EP, but the concert has me half considering blowing the dust off the CD and loading onto my iPod. And maybe I should give Funplex another try. Actually, it was just a passing thought. I doubt I’ll do it…but then again…

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My guess is, that was also The B-52’s intention when they decided almost 1/3 of the concert would be devoted to so many songs from Funplex, their last studio release, which, was by no means a fan favorite. I admit, I would have rather heard “Legal Tender”, “Channel Z”, or a little ditty about the aforementioned Modean. The only track I really remember from Funplex is the title track, but I guess I shouldn’t complain too much; I saw one of my favorite bands, and they played a lot of their career highlights.

The last time I saw The B-52’s in concert, I was an Austin radio personality. We did a promotion where listeners had the chance to perform behind the group as go-go dancers, and they also won a pair of tickets to the show, and some orange popsicles and lemonade. If you’re a true fan, you’ll understand that reference. The concert was at Southpark Meadows (back when it was an outdoor amphitheater, not a large shopping complex), and the B-52’s seemed to have boundless energy.

Flash-forward a decade or so. The B-52’s are still fun, but obviously not at vibrant as they once were. Keith Strickland doesn’t look like he’s aged a bit (I always had a little crush on him), and Cindy was hopping around on stage like she was still twenty-something. Kate always looked like she was having a ball. Fred, my dear Fred, looked like he couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to crash. But I’ll cut the guy a break, he turned 60 this year (I devoted two days to The B-52’s this past July on our Holidays & Happenings channel to commemorate the occasion), and I just appreciate the fact that they are still willing and able to go out and entertain after 24 years.

Private Idaho
Dancing Now
Give Me Back My Man
Whammy Kiss
Deadbeat Club
Party Out Of Bounds
Love In The Year 3000
Cosmic Thing
Hot Corner
Love Shack

Planet Claire
Rock Lobster

– Submitted by Shalonn Hilburn, Music Design (including all photos and videos)