It’s time to start wrapping up 2013 and, among all the good things to highlight in Latin music, two events marked the year: the comeback of the Colombian legend Carlos Vives and the celebration of Robi Draco Rosa’s life after battling cancer.

Another reason to celebrate in the 2013 is the increasing presence of Rock en Español in the main stream media. In the ’90s, Rock en Español had its heyday, but at the end of the century this generation of artists lost its momentum (sending a whole genre almost into extinction).

Proof that is not mere words what I’m saying is the amount of albums and new releases from indie bands like Utopians from Argentina, Bomba Estereo from Colombia and the Latin Grammy winner for Best Rock album, La Vida Boheme from Venezuela.

Behind this new generation is a legion of older acts that lately have been looking for their own space in the variety of media outlets. This year saw the album release of legends like Miguel Mateos and Andrés Calamaro, both Argentinian rock stars with more than three decades of history. From Spain, Enrique Bunbury stunned with Palosanto, a solid album with lyrics full of wit and sarcasm.

– Submitted by Juan Pablo Restretpo, Music Design