Yesterday we gave you the Best of 2011: Top 10 Albums lists from a few of our Music Designers. Today let’s focus a little narrower, on songs. Below you’ll find the Top 5 Songs of 2011 from several members of the Music Design team. Surprisingly, there’s only one song that made multiple lists.

From Music Designer, Randy Schlager:

1.  Avicci – “Levels”
The biggest trance-crossover dance hit of the year. Originally from Sweden, this puppy has been mashed with everything from Journey to CeCe Peniston. A powerful melodic hook combined with a massive sampling of Etta Jame’s classic “Something’s Got A Hold On Me.”

2. Bryce f. CarlPrit – “Dance With Me”
Clever spin and melody taken from the Afrojack global hit “Take Over Control” along with Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me.” Party club hit.

3. Sak Noel – “Loca People”
Another great European party-club release. Tells the story of how crazy club life is in Spain. He just released the follow-up titled “Paso”, which is another tale of party-life.

4. Morris Corti & Eugenio LaMedica – “Party With Me”
Follow-up to “I Rock, I Sweat,” Sherrita Duran delivers another powerful hands-in-air anthem that’s sure to bring you to your feet! This tune has just the right amount of piano-diva infused house and electro to pack any dancefloor.

5. Klaas & Bodybangers – “I Like” (Bodybangers Mix)
Yet another European electro dance track focused on the club nightlife party scene. Very European, fun and kickin’. Click HERE to see the video.

From Music Designer, Eric Martinez:
1. DOM  –  “Living In America”
2. Jay- Z & Kanye West – “N* InParis”
3. Lykke Li – “I Follow Rivers”
4. M83 – “Midnight City”
5. Rita Indiana  –  “El Blu Del Ping Pong”

From Music Designer, Pam Payano:
1. Jay- Z & Kanye West – “N* InParis”
2. Adele  “Rumour Has It”
3. The Black Keys  “Lonely Boy”
4. Taylor Swift  “Last Kiss”
5. Erykah Badu  “Window Seat”