I loved much music in 2011. Here are five tracks that have been in my car, my headphones, living room and traveling with me on the plane.

DJ Shadow – “Scale it Back”
This song is my latest obsession. It is the current song I’m over-playing in my life (hey, it’s holding up).

Active Child – “Way Too Fast”
If you like James Blake, you might just love Active Child. I do for sure. LOVE.

Gotye – “Easy Way Out”
I love this song ,I  was torn to choose this or “Somebody that I Used to Know” I went with more rocking song but I do really love that other one too.

Dr. Rubberfunk – “Trouble Woman”

Came out last year but I discovered it this year. Dr. Rubberfunk has a pretty big catalogue.  He’s one funky dude and I always have my ear to what he’s up to.

Remix!!! The remix by Featurecast is hot. Do you remember drum and bass? Turn this sucka up.

Speaking of Featurecast…this is fun stuff.

Bill Callahan – “One Fine Morning”
I’m a huge Smog fan. I love this man and I love this song. Beautiful.  Still on my Sunday morning mix.


Other things I played A LOT:
Nicki Minaj- “Super Bass”, the entire DJ Kicks, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Pantha Du Prince (Versions of Black Noise), Apparat (Devils Unrest), Toddla T -“Take it Back”, Little Dragon (Ritual), Icebird- “This Charmed Life”, Shelby Lynne -“I’ll Hold You’re Head”, and Recloose -”Parquet”.

Thanks 2011 for all the amazing music.

– Submitted by Linda Kennedy, Music Design