For brands who crave that “light,” “fun,” and “familiar-yet-not-overplayed” sound, one of my favorite artists to program is pop songstress MoZella.

Her songs are sweet, relatable, and positive, which not only mean they’re a perfect fit for the retail space, but many avenues of mass media.

MoZella’s tracks have been used by several major brands for their national TV campaigns. She’s also had her songs synced on prime time television shows and movies, including, “One Tree Hill,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and “Bones.”

Her charismatic vocals and charming personality have earned her the reputation as a fresh alternative to formulaic pop artists. –

A couple of tracks I’ve had success in placing (and that are also personal favorites) include:

“Love Is Endless”

“Thank You”

“This Is Love”

– Submitted by Carly Grimm, Music Design