You may have glossed right over a boy band back in the ’80s by the name of ‘Bros.’ A little pop-dance gem passed my desk back in the day that I couldn’t resist titled, “When Will I Be Famous.” Bros. managed to take it to the top of the UK pop charts. It had that bouncy PWL – freestyle production so prevalent at the time. Move forward more than twenty years and meet one of the original members of the group, Matt Goss.

Matt Goss

I’ve been following his career all these years and have yet to be disappointed with his selection of material and performance. Matt possesses a sexy, soulful swank that has always seemed the perfect fit for many feminine brands. Recently, Matt released his fifth album, Life You Imagine, a collection of well orchestrated swing jams. The material is classy, uplifting, and truly expresses this showman’s talent.

Choice selections include:

“There’s Nothing Like This”

– This song is sexy, soulful and seducing.

“When Will I Be Famous”

– His 1988 hit gone Swing!

“Lovely Las Vegas”

– Matt’s tribute to the entertainment capitol of the world.

Catch Matt live at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas where he hosts his weekly show.

Expect to hear Matt in classy steakhouses, female fashion locations, and on casino floors everywhere.

– Submitted by Randy Schlager, Music Design