With relatively few exceptions, any band worth their salt lasting more than a couple of years will go through transition. The art changes, new ideas are explored, and members may be added or lost. Things that used to “work” can begin to seem stagnant. The restless will push forward and a good band will adapt. It can be amazing or disappointing. Whatever the course, like most art, music should progress when done right.


Glass Candy is a band that started far beneath the mainstream. Most of their influence seemed to come from the exciting, often grating world of No Wave. Early material from this band would be a tough sell to most, but fast forward to more than a decade later and the vibe is completely different. They will be releasing their next album soon, presumably this year, via the label Italians Do It Better. The new single hints at where they’ve anchored their sound in recent years…retro electronica, italo-disco worship. But the lyrics have pushed into the esoteric with a delivery so relaxed it’s difficult to deny. The sound is grooving, smart, and off-the-cuff.

– Submitted by Bo White, Music Design