After 5 years, I’m eagerly awaiting the Australian duo- Empire of the Sun’s new album Ice on the Dune. When their debut album Walking on a Dream came out, I was living in Australia and, like most music lovers, it felt good to discover an artist or band before everyone else in the world caught on! Walking on a Dream has received plenty of replays from me–eclectic electro pop that makes you want to dance and sing along with the undeniably catchy choruses. It also sounds very dreamy and full of fantasy due in part to the copious amounts of reverb and 80’s new wave synths and melodies. Of course their image and album artwork complement their sound perfectly as well!

Empire of the Sun

Over time I’ve craved to hear new material from this dynamic duo as they had created the perfect electro pop album. However, sometimes with artists that have a strong debut you get worried that the following won’t be able to match it or that it veers significantly off course. Then Empire of the Sun released “Alive” and this has relieved my fears and re-kindled my excitement. “Alive” faithfully represents their signature sound- bright, hopeful, dreamy, nostalgic electronic pop with a strong dance beat, lush synths, and larger than life vocals and choruses. The accompanying music video is fantastic as well, filled with magic, beautiful scenery, great visuals and imaginative costumes.

Like their previous work, I can foresee their newest offerings to be used in a variety of playlists and brands utilizing electro pop or indie electro.

Ice on the Dune will be released on June 18th.

– Submitted by Jesse Nathason, Music Design