Coming off two innovative, critically acclaimed EPs from 2012 (Armor On and Whiteout), Dawn Richard steers clear of clichéd R&B and looks to Game of Thrones, 300 and the 80s for inspiration to develop a signature sound all her own.

Rising to fame from Diddy’s group Danity Kane (MTV’s Making the Band), then becoming a staple member of Diddy-Dirty Money, Dawn Richard has broken away to create a whole new sound through her highly stylized urban pop.

Dawn Richard

Goldenheart transports you on a sonic adventure through space, time and new dimensions. This high concept album follows Richard as she faces love, war, heartbreak and everything in between in her melting pot of worlds both future and medieval.  First single “’86” sets a rich and dreamy tone many of the tracks offer. The lyrics paint in full color the heartache of losing something you’ve been fighting incredibly hard to keep.

The fluttering hand claps and twitching synths on “Gleaux” put the song somewhere between a ballad and bumping midtempo. Richard harmonizes with herself and overlays each piece so they seamlessly merge as one perfectly synched choir.

Dawn opens her sound a bit more with her half cover of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” transposing its original melancholy pop/rock sound to a propulsive club song. She stretches her vocal range in this, solidifying her status as the breakout star of extinct group Danity Kane.

This body of work sets a perfect accent for those in retail wanting an atmospheric, nostalgic vibe hoping customers will appreciate the detailed arrangement and unique sonic experience she offers. Dawn breathes life into her already impressive song catalog with crisp, fresh visuals that tell her story combining choreography and plot (see mashup of previous singles “Wild N’ Young” and “Faith”). These would complement any brand leaning towards the urban/pop market looking to be trendsetting and visually stimulating.

Dawn Richard encompasses everything this new exciting era of urban pop can hopefully bring, setting a distinguishing sound without sacrificing integrity while still remaining relatable. Goldenheart is available now via her independent label Our Dawn. Don’t miss out!

– Submitted by Tristan Bolden, Music Design