The Mood family includes a number of accomplished singers and musicians, many of whom have found airplay in our various Core and Custom programs. I’m very excited to share some amazing news about our incredibly talented Premier Account Director (and former Music Designer), Anita Benner!

In 2012, Coca-Cola teamed up with Music Dealers to audition 20,000 artists for the chance to write a song for their 52 Songs of Happiness campaign. Anita was selected as one of the artists for the campaign and was invited to write a Latin Pop song inspired by her travels which incorporated the Coca-Cola 5 note melody. The campaign is just now starting to gain traction, and all songs involved in the campaign are available exclusively on Spotify under the album title 52 Songs of Happiness.

Get an autograph while you can!

Listen to Anita’s track below and read her interview here.

– Submitted by Shalonn Hilburn, Music Design