Hot off the press, Aloe Blacc has unleashed his third solo album of R&B delight via Interscope Records.

Aloe is a rapper turned singer/songwriter who has tapped the likes of Pharrell Williams and DJ Khalil to produce a mix of soul, folk, and cross-over pop delivering inspiration in song, and movement. The material reflects influences of legends such as Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder, while sounding fresh and in the present. The album includes terrific feel-good melodies that are sure to have their place in many fashion and hospitality locations looking for a little lift.

Song picks include:

– This song has infectious, hook driven soul/R&B with a classic feel.

– You know this one by now…but this is an acoustic version of the gem Aloe co-wrote for the Swedish dance sensation Avicii, who transposed this into an international mega-hit!

– This one will get your feet movin’ and shufflin’.

Discover Aloe Blacc on Mood’s Core concepts such as Urban Beat, Y2K Hits, Hitline, and The Cafe.

– Submitted by Randy Schlager, Music Design